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Catholic Early Learning Centre Greystanes

The Catholic Early Learning Centre (CELC), Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Greystanes provides quality early learning for children 3 to 5 years that:

  • is founded on Catholic values and traditions
  • engages children in experiences that promote their desire for learning
  • encourages younger children’s curiosity and the skills to explore and investigate
  • promotes the development of positive relationships
  • is supported by a safe, nurturing and home-like learning environment

Your child will be taught by highly qualified educators who will tailor learning to meet their specific skills, interests, abilities and learning needs. We value our partnership with families and seek your active involvement in the learning journey, through shared decision-making and open communication.

Following the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, your child will experience a sense of belonging, being and becoming by developing:

  • a strong sense of their identity and wellbeing
  • connections with their world
  • confidence and involvement in their learning; and
  • effective communication skills

Operating Information

We are open from 8:30am to 4:00pm during school terms (closed on public holidays).

The 2017 Fee Scale per Daily Session is as follows:

 2017 Fees
CELC Service

Daily Fee
Age 4-5
 Equity Fee *
Age 3-5
Daily Fee
Age 3 

Catholic Early Learning Centre
Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish
 $38.00  $14.00  $67.00
* Equity Fee is for children of disadvantaged families (low-income card) and/or Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander children

Our centre is licensed by the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and caters for up to 23 children. We are committed to the continual improvement in the centre’s policy and procedures and endeavour to provide the highest quality care and education for each child.



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